Tourism Review News Desk - May 8, 2007

Tourism officials recently created a new organisation in an attempt to boost golf tourism in New Mexico. The sun baked American paradise is home to 75 courses, eleven of which are ranked 4-star or above. The problem is that very few golf enthusiasts know about New Mexico as a golfing destination. The new body is non-profit making and has the single aim of putting New Mexico firmly on the golfing map. Its main objective is to highlight the low cost of golfing in the country compared to other destinations, since not all golfers are wealthy individuals. Prices here are at least 40% lower than most others offering similar luxury standards.


Golf in New Mexico is a 12-month activity unlike in other places where winter golf is made impossible by the weather. The climate is ideal for the sport, as are the surroundings. New Mexican golf courses are not only drenched in sunshine, they have the backdrop of beautiful mountains, scenic waterfalls and lush forests. Where else can one find such perfect conditions for playing golf?  Many would struggle to find an answer to this question.


The new body was set up not merely to glorify New Mexico and increase its worldwide popularity just for the sake of local pride and bragging rights; there are huge financial issues to be dealt with. Golf in the US is a $500 million industry and not to be taken for granted. With the facilities New Mexico has and the optimism of the new golf alliance, this figure should increase.


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