Bill Alen - Dec 19, 2006

The Thailand tourism is on the rise due to the new marketing campaign and recent construction of Bangkok’s second international airport.



The tsunami of December 2004 had a devastating effect on Thailand’s reputation as being a safe destination, killing 5.400 tourists. The south Asian country has also suffered from a degree of political unrest and rising fuel costs have harmed the government’s attempts to increase the number of visitors to Thailand. However, recent surveys have shown that Thailand has recovered from these unfortunate events and is now considered as great value for money destination. This year has seen 2.7 million more tourists in Thailand than 2005, bringing in a record $12.7 billion in revenue. Whereas Asians account for 55.11% of visitors, Europeans come second with 23.33%. Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhimi (Golden Land) airport boasts the largest passenger terminal in the world to be capable to harbour 100 million passengers per year.


This year’s marketing has been centred on the slogan “unforgettable Thailand” as local tourist boards have been trying to present their country as a potential experience to remember forever. There have been efforts made to improve the image of Bangkok as well as other resorts as new shopping centres with highlighting the Thailand’s promise of the value for money in terms of purchases and experiences.


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