Gary Diskin - Mar 27, 2007

Cruising is one of the most popular leisure activities. The choice of vessels and attractive destinations is vast; from spacious cruise-liners that can accommodate several thousand passengers and take them on a month long trip around the Pacific islands to small and intimate ships cruising down European rivers. A new option currently on the market is cruising in South-East Asia.



Many tour operators are trying to attract tourists to cultural heritage-oriented trips down the Yangtze River. The aim is to introduce China, but from a different perspective. The cruise-liners are very comfortable and present another convenient way of traveling. Frequent stops at sites of cultural and historical relevance spice-up the trip and educate at the same time.



Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok are coastal destinations favored by tourists There are plenty of activities, from lazy sunbathing on the beautiful beaches to endless shopping, or visiting countless historical sites, famous shrines and temples. The ancient meets the new in these exciting cities and cruises present one of the best and most relaxing ways to visit them.



Local tourists are not too keen to take long trips. Very popular are the weekend packages, or three-day sails. Therefore, new offers are being created to attract a wider range of clients, enabling them to spend even two weeks, or more, on board the luxurious cruise-liners. Special services are provided for families with small children and the quality of catering is also improving with a much more colorful variety of world-famous cuisines.


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