Gary Diskin - Oct 10, 2011
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The Netherlands is well known for its windmills, tulips and of course, its flatness. A slightly ridiculous thought has recently transformed into a serious plan which involves building an artificial mountain to attract sports enthusiasts to the country.

The Dutch are very proud of their fields of scarlet tulips, typical windmills, and charming towns and villages. Recent years may have brought a few worries as the Netherlands is an unusually flat country with nearly 25 percent of land below sea level.

Yet still, there are countless possibilities to enjoy a valuable and interesting holiday, whether one seeks chilled or action-filled days. However, not too long ago, a journalist called Thijs Zonneveld published a seemingly far-fetched idea about a fake mountain which should be created in the country. He may have laughed together with a large portion of his readers, yet there were some who decided to take the idea further.

An architectural firm Hoffers and Kruger took the concept and created blueprints for a 2140-meter artificial peak. Enthusiasm spread as the mountain might appeal to ski fans as well as hiking and climbing lovers. The Dutch Ski Association, Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association, and even the Royal Dutch Cycling Union have endorsed the project as well and now, feasible plans are being drawn up.

In theory, the project called “The Mountain Comes” (a reference to ‘bring the mountain to Mohammed’) will take 30 years to complete and may cost anywhere between $60 and $450 billion. Currently, sponsors are being sought and perhaps, the mountain might see the light one day. It would consist of a metal skeleton which then would be gradually covered by natural materials. The new peak shall be a haven for skiers, climbers, mountain bikers, trekkers, and of course the hollow inside would feature resorts, shops, and even apartments.


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