James Morris - Aug 3, 2009
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Nepalese tourism industry seems to be doing well. The number of visitors grows and the government plans to further boost the industry by various development programs as well as by marketing. They plan to buy more planes and build new airports. Now in time of the economic crisis the Nepalese are happy to see the inbound tourist numbers growing since tourism industry is quite important for the Nepalese economy. According to the Tribhuvan International Airport, there was a 6 per cent growth in arrivals this June when compared to June 2008. More tourists have arrived from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and from Singapore. In addition, the number of Europeans visiting Nepal increased by 25 per cent. Nepal even wants to reestablish direct air link with Myanmar that was operated in 1970 but ceased to exist in 1988. On the other hand, a decline of 6 per cent was recorded in the number of visitors coming from an important source market – India.The Nepalese officials are well aware of the importance of tourism for their economy therefore they support its development. According to Sharat Singh Bhandari, Nepalese Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the government will buy seven aircrafts within the next five years to help the tourism industry. Also a promotional campaign ‘Nepal Tourism Year 2011’ is to be launched during which a million of tourists should be attracted. Tourism infrastructure will be further developed and marketing campaigns will promote various destinations in the country. The Nepal Tourism Board should implement the Public Private Partnership concept and other programs for tourism development are according to their representatives being prepared. 

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