Joe McClain - Jan 22, 2008
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Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. It suffers from crisis, corruption, human rights abuse and its economy is in a rather bad shape.

The tourism industry is therefore quite important for the country. The country is very popular with adventurers, back packers and people who like hiking.

Nepal is famous for its white water rafting, ancient history as well as for its wonderful scenery. Recently a new kind of tourism has appeared in the country, the village tourism.

Nepal is a country with fascinating customs and traditions and the village tourism is taking advantage of this. The normal practice is that tourists stay in the specially built tourism resorts or in the self-pitched tents.

Village tourism, however, takes them closer to the people living in the country. The majority of Nepalese live in rural areas and a tourist can stay in some of the Nepalese villages and observe the life of the villagers.

In fact, they not only observe they also participate. The idea is that the tourists stay in a village house with a family and this is how they learn about the Nepalese culture and traditions.

The villagers do not change their activities because of tourists, they simply conduct their everyday chores and the tourist can therefore easily observe the real life of Nepal’s people. They eat traditionally prepared meals and they can also participate in various chores.

Another reason that makes this kind of tourism satisfactory for travelers is that the tourist’s contributions are directly beneficial to the villagers.

If this kind of tourism continues to expand it could be very helpful for the country’s development. It could help decrease the poverty of Nepal. The administration thus supports tourism quite fervently.

The tourism board would like to launch some forestation programs as well as environment protection in order to develop the tourism industry. Although the village tourism helps to reduce the poverty but experts warn that it could also have some negative impact on the culture, living style and customs of the villagers.

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    Better to include the name of Dr,Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang of Nepal who is \'the Father of Village Tourism in Nepal\'. Think yourself every one should acknowledge Dr Pradhanang who is the propounder of village tourism.



  2. Nepal and the Village Tourism

    I am a permanent resident of U.S.A. came from India. I experienced and read bout Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang \'s contribution and advocacy about Nepal\'s Village Tourism concept in U.S.A..Dr Pradhanang tried to develop and promote his theory of Nepal Village Tourism in not only in Nepal but U.S.A. or abroad.
    I came to know Dr Pradhanang who is the \'Father of Village Tourism in Nepal\' and pioneer of village tourism in Nepal later.
    I read his books such as Village Tourism in Chitwan,Village the new tourism destination and Tourist expenditure pattern and so on. I am highly impressed by reading his books.
    I wish his grand success.

    Pratap Kumar


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