Tomas Haupt - Dec 5, 2011
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Namibia’s value has been discovered by photographers and Hollywood producers alike. Its striking beauty will leave a deep impression on all who come to explore this charming South African land.

Namibia is a very unique country often visited by photographers who capture award-winning photos here; Hollywood producers take their sets here and MTV fans are sure to recognize some of local most famous landmarks from music videos. There is so much to explore and admire in Namibia.

Ideal start is the capital of Windhoek as it features the only international airport. Those expecting a crowded hub will be slightly disappointed, as the capital is a modest but very lively city presenting an amusing cultural mix.

Best approach to visiting safaris here is to fly; one gets a unique opportunity to travel long distances in a matter of hours, may access more challenging terrain and remote places – all in pleasant comfort. Once visitors take this opportunity, they usually wish to visit the infamous Skeleton Coast or the breathtaking Sossusvlei sand dunes.

The Skeleton beach is a rather peculiar place lined with old rusting cargo ships as well as carcasses or skeletons of beached whales. Sossusvlei is a very old salt and clay pan which thanks to rich presence of diverse minerals offers a palette of changing colors. Its characteristic signature are scorched black trees growing though cracked white clay basin in front of a panorama of massive sand dunes, the highest of which reaches up 320 meters.

Visiting the Kulala Wilderness Reserve is a luxurious matter; local lavish lodges and retreats, all wonderfully crafted, leave none to doubt there is plenty of potential in Namibia. The Etosha National Park is perhaps not home to a record number of rare animals, yet still it features many and belongs to Namibia’s most precious highlights.


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