Bill Alen - Apr 22, 2008

In a survey of 1000 UK mums by, it was suggested that most mothers get so stressed about arranging family holidays that they end up not wanting to go away at all in order to save themselves some nerves. Many families simply presume that mothers would be capable of organising the best holiday. This may well be the case, yet at a cost. Surprisingly, it was suggested that 84% of family holiday arrangements are left to mothers. This, of course, could well be an exaggeration on the part of the mothers, yet internet bookings also suggest that the senior female members of families are the most active in sorting out holidays. The result often leaves a negative impact on them.


Mothers most often complained about arranging transport, whilst being worried about cramped buses, late departures at airports or missing connections. Indeed, 29% of the mothers interviewed admitted to being concerned about transport. Such worry sometimes leaves mothers wanting to abandon the trip altogether. Many travel companies thus have come up with some advice to reduce stress and help people, especially mothers, to prepare for and to plan the perfect stress-free holiday.


The first piece of advice is for families to share the workload, meaning that everybody has their fair share of organisation to carry out. Furthermore, mothers are advised to plan all trips well in advance in order to avoid the ‘last minute’ syndrome. If everything is put into place early, then unnecessary stress is thankfully avoided. If it is not easy to share the workload with members of the family, some companies can even offer mothers the opportunity to help and advise personally either by telephone or electronically. Basically, there is no need for mothers to get so stressed about something which, after all, is supposed to be for the purpose of relaxation.

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