Daniel A. Tanner - Nov 11, 2008

In recent years, businessmen have had the tendency to turn a range of buildings into hotels. By this, I mean that prisons have been turning into hotels in France, the popularity of monasteries and convents for serving as accommodation has been soaring and hotels have even been made out of sand in Britain and ice in Sweden. It seems that hotel guests are continually on the look out for something new, something that will live in the memory of visitors for years.


It is true to say that hotels of extreme luxury may provide a wave of pleasure for a certain time, yet living in bizarre surroundings is almost sure to live in the memory for a longer time. Muenster in Germany, in the Westphalia region, is home to the dream of many a man: a hotel, which used to be a brewery.


The Factory Hotel is a work of the architect Andreas Deilmann, whose aim was to somehow modernise yet simultaneously preserve the 1200-year heritage of the complex. He has achieved his aims with style as all of the hotel’s 128 guestrooms refer to the former life of the complex.


The rooms are littered with memories of the brewery, especially in the centre of the complex where the main part of the brewery used to be situated. As a member of Design Hotels, the Factory Hotel certainly lives up to its reputation of being in the stylish category.


This does in no way mean, however, that the hotel does not serve its purpose as a modern luxury destination. It is a place where urban life meets tranquility and style.


For those interested in a gastronomically varied experience to remember, the hotel is equipped with a number of restaurants. Most of them specialize in German and Austrian cuisine. There is also a Spanish restaurant for extra flavor. The former brewery hotel is not only for holidaymakers as 9 meeting rooms cater for business people too.


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