Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jan 16, 2007

Indeed, the Africans hope to bring in around 170 million US dollars in 2007, not an unrealistic figure based on the successes of last year.


More Europeans have been visiting Mozambique drawn by 2,600km of golden coastline on the Indian Ocean. The Italians and the Germans mostly create the European tourist influx.



Mozambique is becoming a popular place for investment. A lot of European money has come to Mozambique due to its location and relatively cheap price for property. The chances of


attracting more tourists to the country are boosted by the multi-billion dollar project on Bazuruto island providing amusement parks, hotels, casinos and a range of other attractions. This is considered to be a particularly important project before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when the southern territory of entire Africa is expected to be inundated with football supporters.


Still being an unfortunate member of the world’s top 10 poorest countries, it is understandable that Mozambique seems the tourism industry as vital to rebuilding its economy and general living standard. By visitors shall be aware of some pitfalls. A 16-year civil war only ended in 1992, having brought death and destruction to most parts of the country. Regular cyclones were and are a further hindrance, destroying major roads and tourist attractions. There are also problems with corruption and misuse of power by road policemen.

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