James Morris - Sep 7, 2015
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Over the years, low cost flights have revolutionized the aviation industry in Europe. Airline carriers have reduced the cost of travelling. Due to this, European citizens have received numerous benefits from low cost flights. Many travelers wonder about areas that benefit the most from these services. 

The company Gopili has analyzed the routes served by 12 different low cost European airlines. They have come up with a map revealing the least and most connected areas along with ranks of European cities and countries with the biggest number of routes operated by low cost flights. 

European Megalopolis – Area Served Most by Low Cost Flights 

According to the map, low cost carriers have more routes and flights operating in the European Megalopolis. It is a discontinuous corridor between Manchester and Milan, including Frankfurt, Brussels and London. According to reports, there’s a major gap between different regions on the Mediterranean coast. 

Countries like Italy and Spain are well served by low cost flights. However, France has just 11 routes from Montpellier, 17 from Marseille and 43 from Nice. Some other good examples of countries less served by low cost airlines include Turkey, Greece and Albania. Besides Czech Republic and Poland, countries in Eastern Europe don’t have much opportunities regarding low cost carriers either. 

London Benefits the Most from Low Cost Airlines in Europe 

According to industry experts, London is considered the most served European city. More than 200 low cost airlines operate between London and other cities. The primary reason is that a good number of airports connect London to the rest of Europe. Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Milan are other cities that benefit the most. 

Edinburgh and Manchester are served better than many capital cities, including Geneva, Stockholm, Madrid and Berlin. Many factors affect the number of routes operating to a city. But there’s no doubt that low cost flights will be operating to a wide range of cities in the near future.

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