Pat Hyland - Oct 16, 2007

Several winter seasons prior to the last one were generally referred to as disastrous. The precious snow was very scarce in Australia’s popular resorts in Victoria and New South Wales. Luckily, the 2007 season, which has just ended, seemed to have made up for the unfortunate years 2004 – 2006.


However, to ensure the winter-sport devotees will not be disappointed in the future, the leisure and tourism operator MFS Living and Leisure Group with the assistance of the government plans to make generous investments in the infrastructure of some of the major ski resorts in Australia.


Nearly $ 3 million are to be poured into Mt Hotham ski resort. Twenty six hydrant points are to be installed throughout the Heavenly Valley, increasing the total terrain from 17 to 25 hectares. The installation will begin this month and is expected to be completed as early as May 2008.


Mount Buller counts as one of the most popular ski resorts in Australia. The resort is fairly close to Melbourne, only a three-hour drive. The water shortage is quite serious in this area, and thus a new project was launched in this resort. A Class A waste-water treatment plant has been built here. Thanks to this unique plant, sewage and other water is turned back into high-quality recycled water which is then turned into snow. Part of the project is also a very strict set of rules ensuring environmental protection.


Thanks to these ongoing projects, Australia’s ski resorts will be ready to welcome many ski fans as soon as May 2008. And there are many choices; Falls Creek is one of the closest resorts to Melbourne. It is an ideal destination for cross-country skiing. So is Lake Mountain – often referred to as the premier cross-country ski resort in Australia.


Skiers and snowboarders usually head for Mt Buffalo, close to the Victoria – New South Wales border, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, or Mt Baw Baw.


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