Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 14, 2006

On Monday, November 6th, new rules for air travel in the EU airports have been introduced. Countries of the European Union, together with Switzerland, Norway and Iceland decided to join their effort to make air travel safer.



From now on, the travelers have to pay attention to what they pack in their hand luggage. According to the new regulations, perfume, toothpaste and other liquids have to be put into small plastic bags.



From now on, passengers in airports are only allowed to take on board one transparent plastic bag. They may pack one liter of liquids stored in 100 ml containers (max).



The above restrictions are connected to the August events in Britain. London authorities said they had uncovered a plot to bomb flights and decided to establish a set of strict rules in order to minimize the threat of a terrorist attack.



While all EU countries are setting up more restrictions, Britain has agreed to partly relax the rules in order to support better cooperation among the EU members.



Like many other airports, Paris’s Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports moblised extra 500 staff to help cope with the changes. The early take-offs were about 30 minutes delayed, but eventually things got back to normal.



Most of the passengers were informed before they reached the airports and handled the situation accordingly. However, some were irritated and complained about these seemingly irrational rules.


On the other hand, the majority of travelers were aware of the fact that new safety measures aim to prevent terrorist attacks, and the inconvenience is worth the effort.


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