Pat Hyland - Sep 18, 2007

According to a recent survey conducted by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), more and more people have been taking to the air to travel, to such an extent that records have been broken all over the globe. Apparently, business travel has been growing faster than economy travel, meaning that income has received great boosts as business passengers tend to have the greatest outlay on tickets. The boom in air travel has even been described as an all-time high. This statement was made on the basis of a 10.5% improvement in fuel efficiency and a 56% increase in labour productivity. Some experts have claimed that the airline industry has never been better off.


The famous budget airline easyJet has announced record figures for this August with its number of passengers rising to 3.7 million. This is, of course, a result of extremely low prices and new destinations available on the airline’s routes. AirBerlin has made similar announcements, with its amount of passengers rising this August to 2.3 million. On a similar note, Ryanair announced an astonishing increase of 21% on last year’s figures, to 4.8 million passengers this August, whereas the Middle East airline Royal Jordanian announced the largest and most impressive figures in its history, claiming to have seen 256.000 passengers on board its aircraft this August. This has been described as an amazing feat for the small airline. Whereas, its European counterparts have been successful in opening up new air routes, a leading figure of Royal Jordanian has put the Jordanian success down to improved technology and better facilities available to passengers.


Whatever the reason, the statistics show that air travel in Europe and the Middle East is more popular and important than ever before. As more destinations become available, facilities continue to improve and prices drop, there is no reason why even more passengers should not take to the sky.


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