Sara Thopson - Dec 18, 2007

Eating presents for many a crucial aspect of their existence. Many people long for extraordinary culinary experiences, and even tend to form their opinion on various cultures according to the character of their cuisine. It seems as if there was an unofficial contest now with a single aim to appeal to gourmands – by means of shock. The more modern, more different in the context of design, way of food preparation and serving the dishes a restaurant is, the more attractive it is to its potential visitors.


In 2004, a unique and rather shocking restaurant was open in Taipei, Taiwan. It is called Modern Toilet and apparently its popularity is rising, as there is already a chain of 12 Modern Toilet restaurants in Taiwan, and the number is definitely not final.


The design of this extraordinary diner hits one right in the face on first looking. The seats are in fact made from toilet bowls. The impressive decorations comprise of gender-coded WC signs, or sink faucets. The tables are – naturally – bath tubs turned upside down. If the visitors expect regular food, served in an orderly fashion, they will be taken by surprise when the waiter arrives carrying sizzling toilet bowls with strange formations reminding one of human excrements.


The specific character of Modern Toilet attracts usually visitors between the ages of 15 to 35 who are willing to take risks and long for extraordinary food adventures. Occasionally, however, a few visitors brave enough to actually order end up leaving. The whole atmosphere is simply too overwhelming. Though, as the owner Wang Tzi-wei says, the popularity of his invention is likely to never stop.


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