William Law - Sep 23, 2008

Mexico is a luring tourism destination and travelers are also vital for its economy. Approximately 19.5 million people visited Mexico in 2007 and they brought some $10.3 billion in here. However, the country experiences serious problems.


There are big differences between the rich and the poor. Rural areas are often dependent on the money sent by the relatives living abroad and thus crime is on the spree. Gang wars, kidnappings and murders are not unusual in here. Recent death of an American citizen in a local jail has again brought up the question of the country’s safety.


The U.S. tourist, Sam Botner was arrested on August 27 for pulling a knife at another person. According to a Mexican prosecutor he was then beaten to death by the police. Later on the medical tests found cocaine and meth in Botner’s bloodstream.


As a result some European countries warn their citizens to be careful traveling to Mexico. They recommend being cautious during their stays in the country and advice to avoid openly discussing financial or business issues. Officials in Germany, Britain and Switzerland for instance warned that Mexican policemen are often involved in various crimes themselves like robberies, homicides, extortion, drug trafficking or kidnappings.


These issues cause serious problems for the Mexican tourism as well as the country’s economy since many Americans and Europeans are frightened to travel there. On the other hand, there are many tourists who visited the country and never faced any problem. So just follow your common sense and be careful.


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