Andrea Hausold - Jun 15, 2009

Global crisis, gang wars and most of all the swine flu cause severe problems to Mexican tourism industry. On the other hand now there is a good opportunity for bold tourists because Mexican tourism businesses are dropping their prices to lure travelers back. 


Mexican tourism industry is quite important for the country’s economy. The gang wars and especially the outbreak of the swine flu, however, damaged the industry severely. Majority of foreign tourists coming to Mexico are Americans who are now staying home in fear of the disease. Some Mexican hotels have reported that their occupancy rate dropped as low as 25 percent. Also planes coming to the country were empty causing losses to their owners. The tourism sector is expected to generate $4 billion less this year than it did in 2008. Tourism officials expect more significant improvement only at the end of 2009.

As always, somebody can profit from the situation. Mexico tries to lure tourists back by promotional campaign and tourism related businesses offer considerable discounts to lure customer. Vacation packages may be 50 percent cheaper than last year. Hotels and flights fight to attract visitors therefore a tourist who is not afraid of the virus can make a bargain.

Cruise lines again started their activities in Mexico after a pause and they are also offering interesting prices. Some hotel chains even go so far that they offer "flu-free guarantees". They promise free vacation packages to visitors who contract the swine flu during their stay. The demand is slowly recovering so it is only matter of time before the businesses raise the prices to the original levels.

The Centers for Disease control in Atlanta reduced its Mexico travel warning. The situation has changed. According to the current data there are more confirmed cases of the flu in the USA, which means a visitor may get infected in Mexico as well as in the USA.

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