Justin N. Froyd - Nov 22, 2010

Melbourne airport is beginning to reap the benefits of a richer Asia and the cash of gap-year students. Some of the best results ever have been achieved in recent times.


Melbourne, one of the Australian major airports, has been basking in the glory of hitting record numbers of passengers. It welcomed 27 million passengers by October this year, mostly from Asia. The latest campaign aimed at the Malaysian market was a huge success as it is behind the 42.7% increase in arrivals coming from this area. Arrivals from Thailand, Taiwan and China rose too; by 41.9% for the first mentioned country, by 27.3% for the second country and by 14.5% for the last one.

In other words there have been 2.2 million new arrivals this year, which has so far brought a considerable amount of cash. The main reason for the increase in traffic is the speed of recovery from the crisis of the last year. The world of air travel and tourism industry is almost back to normal.

Another very positive influence on the Melbourne airport is the number of gap-year students, who have started to travel to Australia for their study breaks. There is no reason to believe that Melbourne airport cannot increase its success, especially as marketing campaigns have been enjoying good results on the Australian market.

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