Ashley Nault - Jun 12, 2022
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Medical tourism is increasingly popular and after the lethargy caused by the pandemic has resumed its previous rhythm. The reopening of borders and the removal of government restrictions have led people to turn to other nations for various health treatments and services. The sector is expected to rise even more.

Recent World Bank data indicated that before the current health emergency, an average of 7 million people traveled abroad in search of health services with advanced technology. The other main reason was cheaper prices of the treatments than in their nation of origin.

Medical Tourism in Mexico Is Highly Popular

For its part, Mexico is considered a power in medical tourism taking second place in the world, following Thailand. In addition to the low prices and the quality of the service, the proximity to the United States is beneficial to the country. In fact, the vast majority of patients come from northern neighbor.

Baja California has gained recognition for being one of the main destinations for medical tourism in Mexico. It offers services of the world's highest standards of quality, excellent doctors and specialities ranging from dental treatments to plastic surgeries.

In that sense, Tijuana and Mexicali are two of the most important binational medical destinations in the world. Citizens of U.S. and Canadian origin, among others, travel there year after year save 50 to 75 percent with respect to the prices of their countries of origin.

What Are the Most Requested Treatments?

Bariatric surgery

The city of Tijuana is considered the world capital of bariatric surgery. Surgical procedure that seeks the solution to health problems due to overweight. Currently, the United States and Mexico lead the international levels of obesity, and thus Mexico receives thousands of visitors annually seeking weight reduction.

In this destination, you can also find alternative treatments such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric band, among others. All are quite resorted to by tourists who spend the night in the state for health and wellness purposes.

Plastic surgery

Another of the great attributes of the best-known border city in the world is its quality of plastic surgery. The procedure used mainly for aesthetic reasons or in improvement of scarring or deformations. Many patients take advantage of their trip to Tijuana for its excellent location and speed in terms of international crossing.

Some of the most sought-after surgeries are liposculpture, tummy tuck, breast implants, lifting, rhinoplasty and hair grafts to name a few.

Oncology Treatments

The Latin American corner has some of the most internationally recognized surgeons and medical staff for the treatment of all types of cancer and malignant tumors.

In different medical centers visitors can find the best advances in laparoscopy and robotic surgery. It should be noted that because these processes require days of hospitalization or recovery, it is also possible to find hotels equipped for postoperative accommodation and with high-level complementary services.

Dental services

The community of Los Algodones in Mexicali is the paradise of the best dental treatments. This small town receives 3,000 to 4,000 patients a day in more than 350 offices, which offer orthodontics, endodontics, application of crowns, maxillofacial, whitening, implants and other dental treatments.

All clinics provide state-of-the-art technology and work with materials of international quality that have generated trust for more than a decade. Since this place has incredible proximity to California, Nevada and Arizona, it receives thousands of patients who can return the same day.

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