Larry Brain - Feb 20, 2007

Costa Rica is one of the countries capitalizing on expensive medical care in the USA. There are excellent doctors and well-trained personnel in the country’s hospitals. There are advanced medical technologies and popular surgeries include transplants. For example, heart or kidney transplants as well as bone marrow, cranial sections and liver transplants can all be carried out.People travel here to have a dental surgery done. Dentists in Costa Rica perform various treatments, and they can offer crowns, veneers, bridges and whitening. Other products offered are dental implants, endodontics, fixed or removable prostheses.Probably the biggest attraction is plastic surgery. Local surgeons are said to be among the best in the world and are often trained in the USA or in Europe.

The main reason for flourishing medical tourism is the same as always - the price. Local prices could be on average 25 to 60 percent cheaper than in the USA. A medical visitor must be careful choosing a good specialist. A medical visitor can came across a person offering cosmetic surgeries but with no training. Therefore it is strongly recommended to check whether the person is or is not qualified. The visitor is advised to get a list of certified plastic surgeons, for example, from their Embassy. All doctors in Costa Rica must be registered with the Costa Rica Doctor"s Association. Local doctors also provide services in eye surgery (at the renowned Institute for Ocular Surgery), otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, neurological and spinal surgery, cardio-vascular surgery, urological surgery. There are facilities where drug and/or alcohol addictions are treated, or where one can have a complete physical examination, including laboratory and radiological tests.


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