Gregory Dolgos - Nov 18, 2008

The one fact no one can deny about weddings is that they are expected to be unforgettable. Two people committing to each other in front of many people is the usual scenario. To make this day really count, many couples seek extraordinary locations – the more extravagant a ceremony, the better initiation to the life together, some may say. With unbeatable adrenaline ace up its sleeve, the Belgian company ‘Events in the Sky’ recently introduced their new ‘love trap’ – a marriage in the sky.


Saying the vows on a platform high in the air is appealing enough to convince many adventurous couples. The platform is hanging from a crane and is absolutely safe. Events in the Sky have repeatedly assured the public that they pay great attention to the safety and reliability of the machinery used.


One of the greatest aspects of such a wedding day is that there is no given spot where the ceremony may take place. The location is defined solely by the desires of the couple; whether it’s Venice at sunrise, a random charming meadow, or Dubai at night. Events in the Sky will make sure the marriage sets off to a lucky start. The only requirement is sufficient space for the crane to be placed and then a group of courageous guests who do not linger and accept both the fun and danger.


Wedding in the sky is a truly unbeatable experience - so exclusive that no one could ever forget. The newlywed couple has even a tempting opportunity to affirm their wedding vows by bungee jumping off the platform. The bizarre idea of weddings in the sky has not gone very long unnoticed. The trend of adrenaline events is definitely on the rise.


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