Nov 18, 2017
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Widen Your Horizons

If you're like any other professional then you spent this morning arm-to-arm with your fellow commuters, sandwiched into the tube like a sardine in a tin. This isn't how you want to spend your days, is it? If you've got sunnier climes on your mind during the drudgery of the daily commute, then you're not the only one. Professionals everywhere are packing up and taking off.

The benefits of travel are well known, and so an increasing number of over 40s are opting to take time out from the daily grind to open their minds and broaden their experiences. Don't wait until your golden years to reacquaint yourself with what drives you. Spending time in new and uncertain environments can help re-define your strengths, and re-affirm what is truly important in life; something we all lose track of in the work-sleep-work cycle.

Stressed at Work? Keep the Heart Healthy

Heart troubles are niggling worry, especially in high-powered professionals who work in high-pressure environments where the work never really switches off.
Stress can be easily managed though, and taking some time out form the rat-race is a smart way to change your lifestyle.
A study published by The Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, found that women who took a holiday only every six years or less had significantly higher risk of developing a heart attack.

Men in the study had similar finds: men who did not take annual leave showed a 30% higher risk of death from heart disease.

Nick Moore is a a managing director at a City investment bank, speaking to The Financial Times, he noted "I’ve learned to manage stress and to be less materialistic after spending so much time at sea." Nick took the plunge after seeing an advert for a Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and thought "Why not?"

Before You Go

You want to be covered if the inevitable happens. Taking out annual travel insurance before you go will minimise your risk of finding trouble or accruing large medical bills. This is especially important to consider when travelling with pre-existing conditions or if you're taking part in sports. You want to make sure you're safe no matter how far you go off the beaten track.

Your best asset is yourself, so keep it secure. Cover yourself by taking out annual travel insurance for pre-exisiting medical conditions.

Cast Your Safety Net Before You Leap

So you're thinking travel might be a good avenue to explore? Most mature workers can't just up and go. Do you quit your job? What about your mortgage?

Over 37% of UK companies are wising up and recognising the benefits of employee sabbaticals. Your company might be one of them. Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss how your sabbatical could help widen your experience pool and bring back more fresh creativity into your role. Maintaining a good relationship with your employer can provide you with job security on your return.

An alternative is that you could join the remote-working elite. Is it possible you could continue your work with no fixed abode?

Most professionals find that renting out their home while they travel will help to cover most costs at home. Though it is important to note that being a landlord can bring up a lot of red tape. In your role as a potential landlord you would need to find trustworthy tenants, make arrangements with a deposit protection scheme, obtain gas safety certificates and declare any taxable income to the HMRC.
If financial worries are not high on your list of priorities then it may be a simpler option to ask friends or family to house-sit whilst you are gone.

Don't put off any longer. The benefits to health and mental development are clear. Now is the time to change your lifestyle!

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