Kevin Eagan - Jul 13, 2009
Langkawi belongs to a 99-island archipelago only 30 km off the coast of Malaysia. For years, this place escaped tourists’ attention, however, in the past decade, it became a true holiday gem – no wonder, it is an earthly paradise. Langkawi, also known as the Jewel of Kedah, is a very charming little island which is part of an archipelago of 99 islands 30 km off the coast of Malaysia. The waters of the Adaman Sea are crystal clear and the white sandy beaches are hard to part with. The island offers a variety of leisure activities for visitors of all tastes and ages. Local folk is famed for their friendliness and open heart. Langkawi is popular for its legends and the locals are more than happy to share them with anyone keen to listen.Some legends are rather questionable and are almost past the line of being believable at all. Some, however, are intriguing. For years, this island had been avoided by tourist agents and some blame this on a curse, supposedly cast on the island by Mahsuri. She was falsely accused of adultery and executed. During the bloody act itself, it is said her blood turned white as she was innocent. She cursed the island for seven generations. Surprisingly enough, the seven generations passed and the island returned on the tourist maps.Visitors who fancy a bit of hiking will fall in love with the striking views off the high peaks of the island mountains. One of Langkawi’s highlights are the hot springs of the Air Hangat village. Tourists are likely to discover a varied and wonderful wildlife while wondering about the countryside. Should the perfect beaches, pristine waters, luxurious hotels and excellent restaurants feel like a little too much, tourists may hop in a kayak and explore the surrounding, less frequented islands. A short boat trip to Pantai Kok, a secluded little island, offers a great opportunity to explore local limestone caves. Langkawi is finally enjoying the fame and glory it deserves. The services are highly valued by all who come for a visit. A fabulous place with warm-hearted locals, great cuisine and amazing accommodation exceeds all expectations by far. Even the grumpiest will learn how to smile here.  Related:KL – Malaysia’s Fascinating Tourist Hub


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