Sara Thopson - Dec 12, 2006

Malaysia has become a very popular destination for eco-tourists from all over the world. Most interesting places to visit are the vast untouched rainforests that are home to thousands of attractive animal species. As much as 75% of Malaysian land area remains forested, 60% of which are virgin rainforests.



This beautiful country is blessed with a great number of caves, most of which have been are equipped with marked paths and platforms. On the other hand, some are accessible only by boat or (and this is purely for true enthusiasts) by “crawling”.



Visitors may observe mysterious creatures inhabiting these dark places or feel the presence of ancient past when discovering rock paintings. Several of Malaysian caves support a birds’ nest industry where collectors climb up to the vaults in order to get them. The nests are very precious and fetch a high price for their medicinal properties.



Speaking of birds, the country is located on cross-migratory paths of approximately 120 kinds of migratory birds. True bird-watching lovers may find over 600 species on the Malay Peninsula and about 580 species in Malaysian Borneo. All reserves and parks are easily accessible.



Local rainforests are divided into three distinctive habitat types – coastal mangroves, lowland rainforests and mountain forests. The mangrove forests are home to birds such as the Common Kingfisher, the lowland rainforests remain the most extensive habitat for over 200 birds, for example the Storm"s Stork and Green Imperial Pigeon.  In the mountain areas one can find species such as the Mountain Peacock-Pheasant and Mountain Blackeye. The birdlife is generally very exciting, so don"t hesitate!



Tourists are also welcome to experience other adventures e.g. white water rafting and diving. Malaysia"s waters are famous for its amazing marine diversity and deserve to be counted among the best diving locations.

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