Richard Moor - Sep 11, 2007

Improving the state of Maine’s tourism industry is far from the easiest job in the world. Indeed, the Northern American state is burdened with a number of disadvantages, persuading tourists to spend their holiday time elsewhere. Important for Americans, considering nearly everybody drives a car is the cost of petrol and Maine has almost the most expensive in the whole country. Americans, Canadians and other visitors are put off by the extortionate $3.23 a gallon. The numerous regulations, very fickle weather and high property tax are further minus points which the state and its tourism sector have to deal with.


The above-mentioned problems may well be behind the fact that the amount of day trips to Maine declined by 9% last year. However, it is far from all bad news for the Maine locals, as the amount of overnight stays actually shot up by 4% to more than 10 million. Thanks to an expanding economy and better advertising, in focal points such as New York and Boston, this year has so far proven quite successful for Maine tourism. Another important factor is the strength of the Canadian dollar compared to its American counterpart. As the state borders Canada, Canadian tourists are important to the economy and have been arriving and spending in abundance thanks to their increased spending power.


During the remainder of this year’s summer, the weather is expected to play a big part in determining whether further success is on the horizon or not. There has been a recent let up in the amount of visitors, perhaps due to children going back to school. However, if the sun shines more often than the clouds appear the end of summer 2007 could be extremely productive for the tourism industry of Maine.


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