Kevin Eagan - Sep 26, 2011

Luxembourg is a well reputed posh-spot with an impressive $82,000 GDP per capita and more Michelin star restaurants per capita than any other country. However, there is much more on offer in this fairytale kingdom.

History meets style and taste in the Luxembourg’s top ten; Neumuster Abbey is a great place to start and admire the ever changing exhibitions and outdoor performances. Digging a little deeper in local heritage, local visitors will certainly admire the 1000-year-old Chateau de Bourscheid. Its ring wall and towers feature unrivalled views over the city.

The former medieval fortress of Bock is now known for an intricate system of passages underneath, called Bock Casements. These were originally carved out by the Spaniards in 1744.

Tourists often praise the Wenzel Walk, which takes the curious visitors through the most relevant and beautiful sites. Many travelers seek the Palais Grand-Ducal, where a maximum of 40 people are allowed at one time for one hour only.

History lovers venture in the Luxembourg City History Museum as well as the Natural History Museum which is ideal for families with children as local interactive displays based on dinosaurs and the big bang are highly entertaining as well as instructive.

Visiting Luxembourg may become a truly epicurean experience. Local selection of Michelin star restaurants is a bright example. The culinary masterpieces on offer are unforgettable and a peek in the St. Martin’s Winery, where one may experience first-hand the process of making local sparkling wine, may become a little bonus.

This city is glamorous all year long; however, for those who long to see it at its social peaks, March may be a great time for a visit, especially during the Carnival Parade on Refreshment Sunday. The International Classical Music Festival, organized in May, lures thousands of music fans as well.

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