Tomas Haupt - Jul 29, 2008
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Some say that due to changes in the environment mankind is doomed and there is very little we can do about it. This may well be true, yet does not mean that we should do absolutely nothing. Most European and North American countries frivolously recycle. Care for the environment is thankfully becoming more of a global trend. There are some companies that genuinely care about the world we live in and some which simply use their so-called green policies to attract positive publicity. It is simply a way of advertising and cynics do not take their claims too seriously. A London nightclub, named Surya, fits firmly into both of the above-mentioned categories.


Some say that the eco nightclub is designed not for the environment, yet for advertising purposes. Thus, there are ulterior motives for the apparent care about the planet. Nevertheless, it is an interesting idea. Cyclists and walkers are admitted free of charge. This does not mean that drivers are scorned upon, yet the policy ensures a healthy clientele. Waterless urinals, low-flush toilets and solar lighting pay tribute to the theme of being green. What is perhaps most interesting is the club’s dance floor, a scientific wonder to set an example to others.


The dance floor generates its own electricity by using energy from quartz materials rubbing together due to people dancing above. It is estimated that, when the dance floor is full, 60% of the club’s energy can come from the floor. Basically, it works on the principle of piezoelectricity. The dance floor has ‘dance to save the world’ written on it in appreciation of the technology behind it.


The club receives nothing but positive publicity, especially as the owner donates a part of the profits to charity on a regular basis. Visits from celebrities provide further boosts for the world’s greenest nightclub.

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  1. Eco......

    Some of my friends and students (postgraduates and the like) called me "eco-professor" in a friendly way. I was surprised by many eco-things in the world. But it's first time I discover an eco-night club.
    I guess, what will be next????

  2. Thats great news
    Thank you for your work - articles are interesting and actual
    Greetings form Latvia :)

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