Tourism Review News Desk - May 16, 2016
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WhereIsWhere.com, a location-marketing tool for businesses in the tourism industry, today unveiled its demo microsite, allowing travel marketers to check out its content and features before it goes live to consumers mid-2016. The live demo can be accessed at: preview.whereiswhere.com

The microsite is a sample demonstration of the end-user experience, as travellers explore the interactive map to find out where everything is, and what each location has to offer, in the form of rich media content – videos, pictures, promotions and more. Preview.whereiswhere.com currently features only London and Singapore, with more travel destinations to be added later. On WhereIsWhere's interactive map platform, travel marketers can zoom in from country to area to street level; and within each category – Attractions, Lodgings, Activities and F&B, select filters according to their interest types.








Speaking about the newly launched demo site, Terence Mak, the CEO, noted that “WhereIsWhere enables travellers to learn more about different destinations easily, straight from the industry itself; this way of direct marketing in Travel is a change from what travel marketers are currently doing. WhereIsWhere empowers travel businesses to take back the control of brand ownership and sales. We encourage travel marketers to test out the platform.”

With over 4000 industry registrations so far, WhereIsWhere will officially launch to travellers mid-2016. To see the platform in action, head over to Preview.whereIsWhere.com; Claim your location at whereiswhere.com today!

As an interactive world map, WhereIsWhere.com functions as a location-marketing tool, enabling businesses including hotels, attractions, icons and tourism authorities in the global tourism industry to show the world where they are, and what they have. Travel marketers claim their pins on WhereIsWhere's map platform; and under their pin, they can upload media in the form of videos, pictures, or even their latest promotions, to entice travellers to visit.

Mid-2016 will see WhereIsWhere launch to travellers, offering them the latest information from the travel industry, as they explore the world. On our easy-to-use platform, travellers can click on a pin, and open up information about the location, and its marketing content, latest promotions. With WhereIsWhere, travellers get to explore every off-the-beaten-path attraction, sights and places; unlock unique travel experiences!

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