Dan Rang - May 13, 2008
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At first sight, the Zambian Livingstone may be a relatively small town; however its astonishing setting and the numerous adventures to be found here satisfy even the most demanding traveler. Local diverse terrain with significant drops has created one of the most breathtaking natural wonders – the Victoria Falls, which are roaring some 10 km away form Livingstone, on the river Zambezi. The area around Livingstone is marvelous, yet many come here to enjoy the rather dangerous activities which local nature offers. The adrenaline sport enthusiasts are often torn between the various fun activities they may indulge in.


Abseiling is one of the hottest thrills one may go for here. A person is basically moving down the steep gorge wall backwards (some 54 meters), attached by waist and facing up. The adventurer is always safe and under constant control and guidance of an experienced instructor.


Rap Jumping is another cool sport to try here. While the back is safely attached to the rope, the adventurer descends the sheer cliff wall, while facing forward. The speed is completely up to the choice of each particular person. One may slowly walk, or get crazy and run. It is a brilliant and thrilling experience, as many claim.


The very popular Gorge Swing is extremely appealing. Attached to a body harness, anyone can swing him/herself off the edge of the cliff. Experiencing a free fall for 50 meters is really impossible to forget. This activity is also available as a tandem swing.


The Flying is another dangerously attractive option; a cable is stretched across the gorge (135 meters long). A full body harness is attached to the rope again and the adventurer takes a running dive and literally ‘flies’ across the gorge like a bird.


Families with kids (age 10 and above) will enjoy the Whoopie Slide. The fun and easy rush form one side of the canyon to the other is the real thing. This event requires full/half day booking, yet everything, including transport and meals is taken care of.

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