Nils Kraus - Dec 22, 2012

For many hard working individuals, couples and families, holidays are a long awaited and well deserved break from work and other commitments. While most holidays, extended travel breaks and short getaways go off without a hitch, there is always a risk of something going wrong. And it can go wrong in a surprising number of ways. Here we will look at some of the most common unwanted events that can occur on holiday, and what you can do about them.


As a tourist, you are likely to be more of a target to pick pockets and petty criminals that local people. This is not least because you may be carrying expensive photographic equipment and jewellery, and would-be thieves may believe you to have more cash on you than someone who is not on vacation. As an outsider, it’s not always easy to spot the tricks of local thieves – and so thefts from tourists are quite common.

If you do suffer a theft, be sure to report it to the local police, and ask for some written or printed record of what you tell them. This will be essential for claiming from your insurance company either when on holiday, or when you return home. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to take out insurance before you go.

Sub-standard or non-existent service

Sadly, with so many holiday firms out there, a few are badly operated and do not provide the service holidaymakers expect. This may be the quality of accommodation or transport from your main holiday company, or it may relate to a smaller service, such as a day trip that was badly managed. If you holiday in your own country, it can be easier to take legal action against the holiday provider because you are only dealing with one legal system, and doing so in your own language.

If your holiday was abroad however, it can be rather more problematic.
You may need to approach a foreign legal system through your own country’s courts. But there may be other ways of dealing with companies that did not deliver on their promises, such as contacting your credit card company, with whom you may have a ‘like claim’. Professional advice can be sought from experts in the field, such as those at Express Solicitors.

Suffering an injury on holiday

Getting injured on holiday is an unpleasant experience, especially if you do not speak the local language and have to be treated by medical staff of your host country. For immediate assistance with the medical bills and with language problems, you should contact your holiday insurer and find out what you are covered for. Once you get home, you may also have certain legal options open to you if the injury was not your fault. For example, the holiday company may be liable if their staff or those acting on their behalf displayed negligence in some way.

Equally, if a walkway in your hotel was badly maintained and caused your injury, it may be possible to make a claim. There will be certain legal considerations to take into account, particularly if the injury took place outside your own country. Legal experts such as those at Express Solicitors may be able to help.

If something does go wrong while you are on holiday, remember that there is usually a course of action open to you which could help address the situation.


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