Nils Kraus - Aug 27, 2012
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If you are seeking an ideal adventure trip to Africa and want to learn survival skills then you should check out the Sanctuary Retreats. One of their trips, Delta Bush Skills Adventure, is a two night trip skills adventure at Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Visitors are hosted at the luxurious Baines' Camp and here they get lessons on how to survive in the wild jungles of Africa.

The camp is located right at the banks of Boro River which drains into Okavango. This is the ideal site to view the breathtaking sunsets as well as watch the wildlife. The place has 5 suites and one communal swimming pool. You can also get to view hippos and lions from a large wooden deck that has been created for the viewing.

Going for Delta Bush Skills Adventure has little to do with sight-seeing. The first day the participants learn how to make fishing spears and ropes from natural materials. They are also taught hunting skills like tracking game, knowing which plants can be eaten and how to poll a dugout canoe referred to as mokoro by the natives.

The second day the participants learn making their own shelters and catching the game. Harvesting palms nuts and basket weaving is also one of the lessons that are taught by local women and this provides the visitors with a souvenir to carry back home. They also get to learn how to navigate in the wild through the use of the sun and stars just like the natives.

There are many people who love going to Africa for safari. Botswana is one of the best destinations for a good safari adventure. You not only get to see the beautiful sites but also get to learn a lot about how to survive in the wild.

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