Tourism Review News Desk - Apr 13, 2009

Latvia’s wonderland which is gradually finding its way to the tourists’ hearts is a place called Sigulda. Ski resort, national park, hiking paradise … it is characterized by numerous historical landmarks as well as adrenalin sport opportunities. Sigulda is simply the place to go.

Describing Latvian Sigulda could be slightly risky – as it may either come out as absolute kitsch or, well, fiction. This town is set in the area of the Gauja National Park and features scenes of such natural splendor one may feel like seeing a fairytale land. The preserved and accumulated beauty is breathtaking and the opportunities of leisure do not stop here. The region is very old and there are many historical landmarks worth visiting as well.

The high peaks attract ski enthusiasts all winter and hiking lovers as well as cycling fans gather here for the summer months. Sigulda undoubtedly counts as the adrenalin paradise where bungee jumping and the heart stopping bobsled trek lure many. Balloon rides are also immensely popular among visitors who like the heights but do not particularly seek danger. There are also several caves to explore in the national park, the most famous of which is the Gutmanis Cave – the largest one in the Baltics.

The unspoilt beauty of local dense forests and pristine glacial lakes offers a fairytale setting which is difficult to part with. A great view over the picturesque river Gauja appears when crossing it in a special air tram which takes the passengers over more than 1,000 meters. The region has been a popular resort for Russian tourists for almost three centuries.

Ancient castles also belong to the highlights of the area. Sigulda and Turaida castles offer amazing vistas over the valleys. The region is well used to accommodating tourists of all tastes and preferences. A wider range of restaurants and all kinds of hostels, hotels as well as comfortable chalets are available for hire. Sigulda is also conveniently located only 50km from Latvia’s capital of Riga – which means no excuses. It is simply a wonder not to be missed when visiting this marvelous country.



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