William Law - Apr 5, 2012

If you are a nature lover, then perhaps you should make Lanzarote your next getaway location. In Lanzarote you can enjoy nature at its fullest as you hike the beautiful trails and explore all of the beauty that it has to offer.

Caldera Blanca which offers Lanzarote's largest crater measuring 1200 meters provides great hiking of the Lava Fields at its lowest and highest points. You'll also enjoy all of the camels both mature and newborn. The scenery in Clader Blanca is a sight to behold. Its lunar landscape will keep you mesmerized.

Another great hiking adventure for your enjoyment would be the Corona Montana. Here in this mountain area which is also known as the Timanfaya National Park, you can hike the highest mountain that sits 670 meters above sea level or you can explore the Tunnel of Atlantis which is the largest underground volcanic tunnel that the world has to offer. This island came to be from volcanic eruptions over 35 million years ago. It offers a great hiking or just walking adventure.

You might also choose to take your hike in Guatiza-Famara where you can take a 7.4 mile hike which promises to give you a great day of sightseeing and a day of being one with nature. Lanzarote Scrambling from Famara is also a hike that you may want to explore. It offers you 6.4 miles of fun and adventure with beautiful sights to see as well as stunning wilderness.

Hiking Caleta del Sebo will give you an easy hike that will take you from Orzola which lies in the Northern part of Lanzarote. It entails a 20 minute water crossing that will place you right in the middle of the largest marine reserve in Europe. Your holidays to Lanzarote should not omit such an attraction.

El Golfo will offer you a river of green grass, and great rock formations will follow in Los Hervideros. As you go further inland you will experience sea salt extracting just the way it was done back in the day in Salina de Janubio.

While hiking in Lanzarote, you will experience many different types of terrain. You can enjoy vineyard trails, coastal trails and even trails on the cliffs. Take your hike on one of the sandy beaches if you choose to, it's all beautiful and there is nothing that you won't enjoy here.

You'll want to bring your camera with you so that you can capture all of the panoramic beauty that the eyes behold. You'll hike through valley of palm trees and coastal coves that offer great beauty. You'll love the wildlife, the birds and the lizards.

If hiking is your passion, you'll fall in love with Lanzarote. Make it your next holiday getaway. When you're not hiking, you can enjoy lazy days on the beach, great meals in town or even spend your day at the market. You'll find plenty of activities to keep you busy as you spend a wonderful holiday trekking and seeing all that Lanzarote has to offer.

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