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A travel course recommended by the Korean Tourism Organization

Do you know about the beauty of Korean architecture, in a country that boasts a long history?

The name of the old architecture is called 'hanok.' It refers to the unique Korean structures that the country possesses and develops on its own. It includes the majestic Korean palace(宮), the representative Korean tourist attraction, which blends fanciness with beauty in its simplest form. Hanoks harmonize with nature, and the preservation of the beauty and magnificence of Korea’s past era fill us with awe.

If you travel to Korea, make sure to visit and experience the charm that only hanoks exude.

1. Suyeonsanbamg in Seongbuk-dong

Located in Seongbuk-dong, Suyeonsanbang is an exquisite and fancy place that is rarely found within a small house. It provides the ambience of a typical hanok in Seongbuk-dong, a neighborhood with traditional buildings and many historical sites.
Most important of all, it is famous for its view of beautiful mountain slopes, delicious snacks, and traditional tea flavors and for its use of the best local ingredients. It has been introduced through Japanese NHK, British BBC, French TV, and many Japanese magazines and is a famous Korean tea house where locals bring their foreign guests at least once.

One can enjoy drinking tea here, and the different sceneries of each season deserve a special visit each time.

2. Gyeongbokgung

The representative buildings of the Joseon Dynasty, the past name of Korea, have become Korea's most famous tourist attraction.
Gyeongbokgung Palace is filled with locals and tourists taking pictures of its structures and statues that showcase the ancient beauty and majesty. It is clear that there is no difference in people's perception of beauty anywhere in the world.
Many people wear 'hanbok', the traditional Korean costume, into the palace and immerse into the environment. In addition, the guides that provide tours around the huge palace and various cultural events will bring one back to the past.

3. Bukchon hanok village

In Seoul, a city with tall buildings, busy people and fleeting time, there is a place where people can enjoy a relaxing stroll. The 'Bukchon''s hanok village is concentrated with 1000 hanoks and each alley is filled with old memories and a traditional ambience.
The warmth and traditional ambience found at the corners of the simple streets did not fade away and it showcases the everyday lives of people. An overnight stay at the hanok Experience Center, museums, art galleries and other activities allow one to enjoy the ambience of hanoks.

It is recommended to take photos at the designated photo zones to fill up the "Korean Travel Photo folder."
Other than the places introduced above, one can find a wide variety of beautiful locations and related information of Korea through the Instagram account @travelgram_korea, managed by the Korea Tourism Organization.

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