Vanderlei J. Pollack - Aug 26, 2008

Over the past decades, adrenalin sports have gained a very strong fan base worldwide. The thrilling aspect is what makes each adrenalin enthusiast want more. People jump off airplanes, cliffs, climb dangerous mountains, raft down giant waterfalls – the excitement is simply overpowering. Many claim that once they got into the ‘adrenalin business’ they cannot give it up. Kiteboarding is undoubtedly a legitimate part of this business.


On first mentioning this sport, many people tend to associate it with the ocean. However, practicing kiteboarders agree that this sport can be done anywhere; lakes, rivers, snowfields, grass fields, even the dessert. It involves using a power kite to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard. The possibilities are unlimited, yet there are several other crucial aspects one needs to consider before having a go.


Kiteboarding is very much about safety. After all, it is an extreme sport which cannot be performed without previous training and sufficient instruction. The rules are quite strict and the best way to truly learn them and get used to them is by taking a course.


A great start is watching instructional DVDs – if nothing else, one learns all the specific vocabulary.  Of course, the DVD is only to get things started. There are numerous professional schools where beginners can attend an entire course and learn the often tricky techniques. Many enthusiasts agree that you never seize to learn new things about kiteboarding, which makes this activity even more enjoyable and exciting.


To obtain the needed gear, one needs to be prepared to spend some money. On the other hand, after the initial investment, there are no additional costs involved. To get everything necessary, the costs may climb up to about $ 3000. This sum would include a kite, board, harness and the crucial lessons. After that, the only thing one really needs to look for is wind, courage and enough free time to enjoy the speed.


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