Larry Brain - Jan 6, 2009
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The year 2010 is already attracting a lot of attention. Millions of impatient football devotees shiver with the idea of the next World Cup taking place in South Africa. However, the year 2010 will be significant in other aspects but football for the Dark Continent, or even the entire planet – it is the year when Kaza, the world’s biggest conservation area in the world, will be introduced.

The ambitious project has been carried out since 2006 and is a result of intense cooperation between five neighboring countries – Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. One of the most impressive aspects of Kaza is undoubtedly its size – comparable to Italy, it will create a conservation area extending over the borders of the above mentioned states. Visitors, who are to come here, will be able to move freely around the entire area, without having to deal with men-made obstructions and check-points.

Kaza is expected to be a unique reserve where animals move without limits; some 250,000 elephants will find their home here, together with some 3000 species of plants, and 500 species of birds. Other species to be found here which impress especially with their size are buffalo, hippopotamus and lion, as well as antelope or zebra and hundreds of other species.

There are several challenges complicating the progress – especially the mine fields in Angola present a threat; however, soon, the area will be safe again and ready to welcome back the wildlife which has long been gone due to a civil war in the area.

The park is to attract millions of tourists, raise awareness as well as necessary funds to help preserve our animal world. Furthermore, the park will create thousands of employment opportunities as well as bring other economic benefits so much needed here. Kaza is a unique project eagerly expected by many – hopefully, its existence will prove as useful as is hoped for.

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