Kevin Eagan - Apr 24, 2007

There are many places of interest in South Africa, and even though the city of Johannesburg is  known especially as a business mecca, local officials are trying to change its reputation. To promote this lovely city as a tourist attraction, a new strategy is being launched to meet all possible needs of visitors, including public transport, sightseeing and accommodation facilities.


The Johannesburg Tourism Company has outlined its major aims, with the overriding priority being the raising of the city’s profile. Six touch-screen information portals have already been installed around the city, and in the next four years, more than four thousand people will be trained - as tour operators, tour guides, front line staff and language teachers.


Johannesburg is a charming city, its population an interesting blend of Europeans, Americans and Australians, but it is fundamentally an African city; and it undoubtedly retains its appeal as a cultural melting pot. The many local flea markets and craft markets are famous and are all well organized, offering anything from imaginative handmade goods created by craftsman and women form the rural areas to fine jewelry, ethnic arts and elegant furniture. Well worth seeing is the Michael Mount Organic Market, known for its selection of natural foods, vegetables and homemade cakes. Shopping opportunities in general are outstanding, whether you are looking for huge malls or the more intimate shopping experience.


Nightlife here is very diverse, and will satisfy even the most demanding tourist, especially lovers of classical music who can enjoy the renowned local symphony orchestra - the Buskaid Soweto String Project. Comedy nights are also popular here.


During the day, there are many options; visiting local museums and galleries is a perfect way to learn about the history and the multi-faceted culture of South Africa, and if history is not your priority, then perhaps relaxing at the Johannesburg Zoological Garden or the Botanic Gardens will turn out to be the number one choice.


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