Laura Maudlin - Aug 10, 2009
A Japanese Island called Sado is a popular tourism destination. It has a long and rich history, some interesting sights and a big music festival that draws hundreds of tourists to the island every year. The Japanese Sado Island is a popular place with holidaymakers. This big island is inhabited mainly by fishermen and farmers. Currently the population reaches some 66,000 inhabitants and it is aging rapidly since the youth moves to the mainland. Sado has rich and long history. According to archeologists, people lived here for over 10,000 years. It has gained importance in 1601 when gold was discovered here. Local mine produced huge amounts of gold but it has run out and the mine closed in 1989.Apart from agriculture products, locals make traditional handcrafts. There is pottery, bamboo work, wax casting, and rag weaving. Last but not least, seven breweries are proud to present their special sake to the visitors. The warm Tsushima current makes weather more pleasant on the island. It is warmer in winter and colder in summer making it an ideal holiday destination. Tourists flocked to the island during 1990s, at one point there were 1.2 million visitors coming to Sado annually. Although the situation changed and the tourist numbers dropped the island still remains quite popular with tourists. The major tourism attraction is the annual Earth Celebration music festival, which is organized by the Kodo drumming group. It is a three day event and this year it will take place from August 15 to 17. Various workshops are part of the festival. Other smaller festivals take place over the year. There are also several noteworthy temples and historically valuable ruins. Among the interesting sights belong the former gold mine, which is open to the public, Ogi Town or the Sado History Museum.  Related:NOT ONLY MT. FUJI ATTRACTS MOUNTAIN LOVERS TO JAPAN


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