Pat Hyland - Nov 22, 2010

The lingerie brand Triumph has recently launched a curious new product aimed to boost tourism in Japan - a talking bra. The mechanics of the fantastic new invention feature three gold buttons which send out welcome messages in English, Chinese or Korean.


Just in time for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Japan, the lingerie maker Triumph introduced a new, state-of-the-art invention which according to official statements aims to boost tourism in Japan. The 'Welcome to Japan!' bra' as the new intriguing product is called, was inspired by tour-guide uniform. However, careful observers will notice only a slight resemblance. This provocative brassiere was fashioned in blue and white and carries messages in three languages, to appeal to a variety of international tourists who understand English, Chinese and Korean.

The signifying features of the 'Yokoso! Japan bra' are three gold buttons placed in the middle of the brassiere. When pushed, the welcome message is played in any of the three aforementioned languages. Triumph came up with an inspired solution for holding photo guides, which are placed in a special plastic sleeve placed just below the bra cups.

The pictures include some of the most typical Japanese landmarks, such as Mt. Fuji, the entrance gate at Asakusa, and Akihabara temples. Each of these contains a special box barcode linked to more specific information on each site. The top also hides a small pocket for tour guide flags and to complete the set, a matching mini-skirt is basically a map of Japan in disguise. The bra padding contains several tourist symbols which may be placed on the mini-skirt map, too.

Sadly, this completely new 'wonder-bra' is not for sale. It was created for merely promotional purposes and the Japanese hope it will do the trick.

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