Anna Luebke - Jan 16, 2007

There are new thoughts about promoting health tourism in Jamaica. Fabian Brown, chief executive officer of the St. Joseph"s Hospital, thinks that the market could be profitable if properly organised. The country should use the advantages of its nice weather and splendid geographic location, but  the industry has to be properly marketed and promoted because, as Fabian Brown says: "The sand, sea and the sun is no longer so fashionable, because you can get that in so many other areas of the region and even outside of the region".



With medical tourism booming in Asia (especially in India) Jamaica can also make some steps to benefit from this trend. The U.S. citizens travel a lot to other countries to have an operation done and this could be very important for Jamaica. National Investment Bank of Jamaica wants to help the investors who want to develop health and wellness tourism. In Jamaica still exists a huge market for services like cosmetic surgery or fat farms.



Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Island in Caribbean. It occupies some 4,400 square miles. This tropic paradise is inhabited mainly by people of African decent. The island is an interesting tourist destination. The main things that attract tourists are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Duns River Falls and Port Antonio. The capital - Kingston is the seat of government, the commercial centre of the country and also interesting location from the historical point of view. Among popular activities belong fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing, and horse back riding.


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