Samuel Dorsi - Nov 9, 2020
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The Italian government will release €9 billion by the end of 2020 to support culture and tourism.

The government has made available monthly contributions of between 600 and 1000 euros for cultural operators and employees in tourism and the leisure industry. By doing so, it wanted to help them to cross the "desert".

“Investing in culture is important for Italy", stressed the Italian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dario Franceschini. According to him, the end of the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a very strong new start in the fields of culture and tourism.

"People will have a great desire to experience beauty and culture and to visit Italy. The most serious crises offer opportunities. We must overcome this phase, then there will be a period of great growth for which we must all work together," said the Socialist Minister.

Italy closed its museums from Nov. 4, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced previously. The corresponding regulation, which should include restrictive anti-Covid measures, including a 9 pm evening curfew, is due to be adopted on Nov. 3.

In Italy, theatre employees and dancers have been protesting for days against the closure of the facilities as a result of tougher anti-Covid measures. Last week, the Conte government ordered that cinemas, theatres, amusement arcades, sports studios and swimming pools have to be closed in view of the sharp rise in infection rates.

Since last week, bars and restaurants are only allowed to serve guests until 6 pm. Many associations in the Mediterranean country are up in arms against these measures.

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