Justin N. Froyd - Oct 30, 2007
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In Biblical times, wine production in ancient Judea had a deep-rooted tradition; here wine was produced almost two thousand years before Europe. However, after the Roman conquest of Judea in 70 C.E., many vineyards were destroyed. The situation became even worse during the period of Muslim rule. Nevertheless, in the past few decades, the Israeli have rediscovered their long lost passion for wine and are ‘back in the business’. Nowadays, there are nearly 150 established wineries in Israel. Wine lovers from all over the world are drawn here to enjoy the charms of the vine route along the wineries of the Judean Hill region.


The whole area stretches from the coastal plain to the picaresque foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains. The region is considered the most organized cluster of wineries in the whole of Israel. Nearly twenty-five boutique wineries are luring many visitors from all over the world these days.


To attract a wide range of tourists, local wineries offer a colorful palette of amusing activities; families will enjoy horseback riding through the astounding vineyards, or cycling along the narrow trails across the hills.


Wine specialists who intend to absorb some extra information will enjoy lectures, movies, or wine tastings. One of the locally famous highlights is the terroir (soil and climate) workshop at the Tzora winery. Participants will learn about the topography of the vineyard, the soil and the climate and how the quality and character of wine is affected by them.


The lovely setting of the wineries, some of which are located as high as 800 meters above sea level, presents a perfect holiday opportunity for anyone who enjoys the taste of great wine, spectacular vistas and charming nature.

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