Larry Brain - May 28, 2008

When the American popular TV series “Lost” was launched, the audience simply could not get enough of it. The appeal of the island, where unbelievable and mysterious events tend to happen at almost every moment, has been drawing much attention for several years. However, once back in reality the place where the story takes place is not all that mysterious. On the other hand, there are many strange islands which are considered puzzling and lure tourists from all over the globe.


Easter Island, located half way between Chile and Tahiti, is without doubt one of the most interesting islands in the world. Local Rapa Nui people used to carve enormous and unbelievably heavy (14 tons) sculptures of the human form. They placed these impressive figures everywhere around the island. Today, no one seems to be able to explain what these sculptures mean, why they were created and to what purpose. Visiting the Easter Island is a truly deep experience leaving everyone’s mind full of question marks long before, during and after they have left this mysterious place.


The Cook Islands, located between French Polynesia and Tonga, are another example of what Eden may look like. The charming character of the locals, the pristine waters and beautiful beaches present a very intense experience of a perfectly balanced, ideal holiday. The most attractive aspect are the legends, passed on from generation to generation. The folklore is very much connected to the sea and its diverse creatures and is a strong element in all the tales.


A very different experience is a visit to the Arran and Orkney Islands. They are to be found in the Scottish sea waters and local legends come alive in the pristine nature and the mists covering the mighty mountains. The old grand castles, moors, ancient stone circles, standing stones and largely uninhabited areas are extremely powerful. All the dark legends and ghost stories, so popular in Scottish literature, become very real and overwhelm anyone who ventures into these lands.


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