ISCtravel Celebrateds 20 Years of Succes in Travel Services to Russia and Former Soviet Union

Bill Alen - Sep 13, 2011

In September, 2011, as the United Nations marks World Tourism Day, one of the oldest and largest companies working with incoming tourists to Russia will celebrate 20 years of success in that market. It is by no means a strange coincidence that the two dates fall so accurately together.

ISCtravel is an international company with offices in Chicago and Moscow serving over a million tourists a year. ISCtravel offers a full lineup of tourism solutions for business travel and tourism to Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Starting as a small company in 1991, ISCtravel began with a core business of visa support and hotel reservations. Today, its range of services still includes this core, but also offers everything from customizable tours to reservations at the finest local restaurants.

ISCtravel was one of the first companies to offer tourist services to foreign clients in Russia. Managed with the best of Western standards, and always providing solid service in the client's own language, the company quickly won a solid and repeat clientele. Today, it stands as the oldest firm in Russia offering tourist services with foreign language support.

Of course, service was not the only secret to the company's growth. As the business was growing, consumer habits, particularly in the travel industry, were changing. More and more customers were finding better and more convenient deals online rather than through more traditional channels. Realizing this, ISCtravel launched an online interface early on. This further solidified the company's position on the market.

Not content to rest on their laurels, in July of 2011, ISCtravel launched its new Russian Visa Full Service. Now, in just two or three clicks travelers can order both visa support and professional handling of the Russian tourist or business visa application at the Russian Consulate by a professional visa agent.

Paulina Hubli, a member the company's board of directors said: "We want to make travel to Russia easy and enjoyable for both business travelers and tourists. We want to our partners and clients to be able to see all that Russia and the former Soviet Union have to offer. We want to make this fascinating part of the world accessible to more travelers by offering unique and convenient services. Our online ordering system for corporate clients long ago won the hearts of our partners and we are now thoroughly modernizing the interface that individuals can use to order our services. We are moving full steam ahead to make sure that what we offer will always exceed the diverse demands of modern travelers. We were the first to offer a "create your own tour" service and we will continue this service."

The Board of Directors of ISCtravel is grateful to their dedicated team of employees, their friends and partner companies around the globe. Without them, the success and victories over these last 20 years would not have been possible. We look forward to working with you in the future! You mean the world to us.


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