Andrew J. Wein - Aug 19, 2008

Growing wine has become a very profitable activity, which in many regions of the world presents essential source of income and an important tourist attraction. In many countries across the globe wine growing became a passion or religion one might say. Many professionals in this field agree that it is a matter of decades before a truly exceptional wine is ‚born‘.


French are very patriotic about their skill in the wine making industry. Other popular kinds come from California, Australia and Chile. The variety is endless and the quality often comes with experience and tradition and the absolute necessity are the right climate conditions. Which is why it may sound surprising, that India is establishing its wine market.


In fact, Indians are not even used to drinking wine at all. However, there are several regions which are suitable for growing wine and as American investment pours in, many new wineries are being established. The locally famous area where wine production is rather strong is Nasik. Typically, local vineyards are very small, only a couple of hectares. Contract farming is the widely used system here, where farmers close deals with wineries which subsequently provide ‚know-how‘ as well as necessary technical support.


The fact that wine is becoming widely popular increases the chances for local wine producers to succeed. Many wineries already plan years ahead and offer tourist packages which are likely to draw many wine enthusiasts.


Currently, there are about sixty wineries in India, mostly located in Nasik. However, a massive growth is expected in the near future. Wine is establishing itself as a desired beverage all over this large country and the demand is expected to increase considerably and India may have another ace up its sleeve.


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