Pat Hyland - Mar 22, 2010

India should be on every traveler’s list of top five destinations – the country’s culture and heritage are fascinating and Chittorgarh Fort, India’s largest fortification is a definite must-see.


India is such a fascinating country, that when it comes to finalizing the itinerary, many tourists are simply dumb-struck with the thousands of options. The Chittorgarh Fort, however, undoubtedly belongs to the very special ones. Its history reaches as far as 7th century A.D. and is extremely captivating. Thousands of men and women gave their lives here to fight off their enemies.

The Chittorgarh is located in the Southern Part of Rajastan, in the vicinity of the Gambheri River. It is India’s largest fortification which sprawls over an incredible 700 acres. It has four main gates, Padal Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol and Ram Pol and if nowhere else, these walls really could talk. Three major sieges were recorded in the fort history, the first taking place in 1303 over the beautiful Padmini, wife of Rana Rattan Singh, who refused to give her up to the Sultan of Delhi. In the midst of the cruel battle, Padmini, along with all the women, hid in the underground cave and committed jauhar, or self immolation. A similar sad scenario happened twice more and 13,000 women and children died here, while their men bravely fought and died to save them.

For this reason, Chittorgarh pays tribute to the valor and medieval chivalry which today seem almost unreal. The fort is not only filled with powerful memories, but also features two magnificent towers, the Tower of Fame (Kirti Stambh) and the Tower of Victory (Vijay Stambh) – an impressive piece of architecture towering over the fort and clearly visible from the city below. There are many striking palaces and buildings here, which turn the city and fort into an unforgettable place.

Chittorgarh usually attracts a lot of visitors during the Jauhar Mela, the biggest Rajput festival which commemorate all those who gave up their lives before being captured by their enemies.



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