Samuel Dorsi - Jul 30, 2012

The falling rupee is starting to attract travelers all over the world to India. Hotel rates are going down and the number of tourists is surging.

India has drawn a lot of attention due to the dramatic changes. Even middle class travelers are now able to afford high class hotels. In contrast to this, the fall of the rupee made tourists look for the most inexpensive hotels.

According to Jackson Fernandez, the travel search engine Wego’s general manager for India, most searches come from countries in Southeast Asia and UK. Cheaper flights are also highly attractive for the travelers searching online.

“People going to India for holiday now tend to move to different spectrum of rate,” said Fernandez. They also look for hotels further from the city center that have lower prices.

The managing director of Goibibo, Sanjay Bhasin, confirmed that the falling rupee actually made India more attractive to travelers. According to him, the tourism numbers grew by 25 per cent in comparison to 2011.

Specifically, religious tours are immensely popular and the sector has gone up by 50 per cent. Also, domestic tourism is growing. Local travelers want to use the opportunity to go around the country for much less.

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