Gregory Dolgos - Mar 2, 2009
UK faces problem with the use of illegal tanning drugs. People are risking their health to look good on the beach.It is no secret that holidaymakers can be extremely vain and harbour great complexes when they have to strip off down to swim wear on the beach. Any gym owner will tell you that the exercise facilities are packed before the summer months with people desperate to lose the embarrassing flab before the swimming trunks and bikinis emerge from the luggage. Mainly due to the ridiculous expectations of glossy magazines, professional models and the vanity of those around, people have been taking more dangerous steps to look good, much more dangerous than doing over strenuous exercise. In fact, many UK holidaymakers are so ashamed about having pale skin that they resort to illegal drugs, which, they believe, enhance their tan – no matter of the repeated warnings of the UK experts and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.The tanning drugs are called melantan I and melantan  II, which are widely available on the Internet. The main melantan site now has over 5.000 members, making it an extremely popular site for those heading for the beaches. It is a synthetic hormone, which stimulates the production of melanin, which in turn gives our skin its colour. That is where the advantages end. Firstly, anybody selling the drug is actually breaking the law. Secondly, it is known to have disturbing side effects such as damage to the immune system and cardiovascular system, vomiting and high blood pressure.Despite the obvious suggestions that it is wise to avoid such a product, a recent study of the Liverpool John Moores University shows that the use of the tan jabs is on the rise in the UK. It seems that some holidaymakers will go to extraordinary lengths to look better with fewer clothes and avoid embarrassment on holiday.


  1. Because of the popularity and effectiveness of Melanotan, many are facing a risk every time they inject themselves in their own. Because you can do it without any medical specialist or experts, we do not know the danger waiting for them if they will continue using it.


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