Gary Diskin - Sep 23, 2008

The world is full of people who love stories about aliens, extraterrestrials or space ships. Movies and TV series capitalize on this hunger for space mysteries. Now, tourism officials in Chile decided to exploit this hunger for their purposes as well. Chile is opening a UFO trail around the town of San Clemente known for UFO appearances. The trail is 30 km long and goes through places where UFOs have been reportedly spotted.


The Chile"s tourism service, Sernatur, supports the initiative. Nevertheless, they do not guarantee the visitors will spot the UFO. You have to be lucky to see “the grey men” lending in vicinity of the town.


According to ufologists hundreds of UFOs have been spotted in San Clemente since the mid-1990s. Exceptionally interesting place for UFO watchers is El Enladrillado. This flat zone of huge volcanic blocks is said to be a UFO landing pad. El Enladrillado is approximately 60 kilometers from San Clemente and it is accessible only on foot. A visitor may get information on signs along the track.


The trail may become an important tourism attraction that might bring more visitors to the region. Those who will not see an E.T. may at leas enjoy trekking in an area that has huge biological value.


What more, the UFO tourists can also travel further to the north and visit the neighboring Peru and its Nazca Lines. These are the gigantic drawings on the ground that can be seen as a whole only from the air. It seems the true UFO zealots should be heading to the South America.


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