Anna Luebke - Jul 15, 2008

The International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) recently published its rankings on top 20 MICE countries and cities for 2007. A record number of data was analyzed this year. The ICCA researchers have identified over 6,500 events that took place in 2007 whereas only some 5700 events were analyzed last year. According to the ICCA the growth reflects the strength of the sector as well as the fact that a record number of ICCA members send them the needed data.


With respect to countries with the most meetings and events the first place in the ICCA statistics for 2007 belongs to the USA that holds its top position since 2004. They have hosted 467 meetings in 2007. Germany is also a top ranking country. It was second with 429 international meetings organized in 2007. Spain is the number three with 303 events. Japan improved its status since the last year as it has climbed from being twelfth to become seventh with 215 meetings. Brazil is holding its position as the first Latin American country that has reached top 10 in 2006. According to the ICCA it ranks eighth with 209 events.


The ICCA also identifies the most popular MICE cities. The primacy in this category goes as in 2005 and 2006 to Vienna. The city hosted 154 meetings in 2007. Number two is Berlin then comes Singapore, Paris, Barcelona and Budapest. Beijing managed to reach the top ten for the first time and has ranked eight. Prague has on the other hand dropped from its eighth position in 2006 to 2007’s twelfth.


The association has some 850 member companies from approximately 80 countries world wide. The goal of the association’s research and rankings is to provide useful marketing and sales data to its members. Their research targets only events that take place repeatedly and rotate between a minimum of three host countries.



Top 10 MICE Countries:


1. U.S.A.


2. Germany


3. Spain


4. United Kingdom


5. France


6. Italy


7. Japan


8. Brazil


9. Austria


10. Canada



Top 10 MICE Cities:


1. Vienna


2. Berlin


3. Singapore


4. Paris


5. Barcelona


6. Budapest


7. Lisbon


8. Beijing


9. Amsterdam


10. Madrid


  1. I would like to have more information about the Italy destination. As a matter of fact, the MICE product has not really grown in Italy up till now; I\'m from the Emilia Romagna Region ; probably the most popular destination in Italy like Venice or Florence or Milan have a better performance.


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